Make your own TANICA Spritz

Make your own TANICA Spritz

Spritzes are like a sunset in your hand to wave the day away. Bubbly, pink and refreshing, spritzes are soaring in popularity for good reason. They have the ability to whisk you away to someplace beautiful, like a picture-perfect day in Australia.

TANICA is all about putting the coastal-loving lifestyle and botanicals of Australia into the spritz occasion. Our definition of spritz welcomes creativity - in glass, mixers and garnish! 

A spritz can really be anything fruity and light, in a wine glass, mixed with bubbles. Typically lighter on alcohol, a spritz is made for sipping over long afternoons without the downsides of being 'one and done' like other cocktails.

Try one of these variations on the TANICA Spritz to make it your own:

  • 60mL TANICA
  • 60mL Mixer - Try Plain Soda, Yuzu Soda, Lime & Yuzu Soda, Pink Grapefruit Soda, Lemonade, Aromatic Tonic, Bitter Lemon, Bitter Grapefruit, Apple Seltzer, Tonic, Coastal Tonic.
  • 20 - 30mL Other Alcohol - Try Prosecco, Vermouth, Gin, Liqueur, Tequila, Rose Wine, White Wine.
  • Garnish - Orange, Lemon, Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Mint, Thyme.


Plum Paloma Spritz

  • 60mL TANICA
  • 60mL Pink Grapefruit Soda
  • 20ml Tequila
  • Garnish Mint

TANICA Rose Spritz

  • 60mL TANICA
  • 60mL Soda
  • 30ml Rose Wine
  • Garnish Pink Grapefruit

TANICA Rhubarb Spritz

  • 60mL TANICA
  • 60mL Soda
  • 30ml Saison Aperitifs Spring Rhubarb Vermouth or Rhubi Mistelle
  • Garnish Orange

Happy spritzing, and let us know what you come up with!


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