About us

Hey you. 

If you’ve stumbled across this page then we can only assume that you, like us, are looking for something different - no - something better in all that you do.

We get you. And with this in mind, we started TANICA as a way to bring more joy and balance to our lives, and hopefully to yours too.

With a wish list of botanicals from our favourite gins, we crafted our first blends back in 2021… and yes, there was a LOT of taste testing and learnings as outsiders. From the start, we wanted to showcase the native and natural ingredients of Australia to create unique combinations of flavours. That’s something that has never changed, and we’ll never compromise on. 

Since then, we’ve showed up at tons of markets sampling TANICA and spoken to thousands of people just like you. We know people are more in tune than ever with finding the right balance in a drink - the flavour, the occasion, the vibe - everything should be just right. We want the same thing too.

But there's something else behind TANICA too. It's a reminder to stop and be grateful for what we have in our own backyard. An aperitif that expresses a new appreciation for how and where we live in Australia. Botanical, not bitter. A way to make time, take time and spend it well.

Thanks for being a part of our journey. We’re glad you’re here. Now roll the dice, place an order and tell a friend. 

May your glass and what fills your cup in life always be full!

Adriane x