About us

Bored of sugary spritzes and rosé headaches, in 2020 after one too many lockdowns, three mindful marketers set out to find a better way to drink. 

We wanted the best of both - no missing out on the fun of drinking and no hangxiety the next day. 

So, we started mixing Australian native ingredients and botanicals we liked in gins and trying them out in our favourite cocktails, with and without other spirits and mixers. There were plenty of tasting sessions and many months of design. Finally we found a name and bottle we loved and the perfect blends - our No.1 slightly sweet with a ginger kick and the No. 2 more citrusy, herbaceous and fresh, perfect in a lighter marg or mojito. 

We are so glad you've joined us to sip into more feel good moments (the kind you can actually remember) with Tanica. 

Cheers! xo

Adriane, Jo and Kate