How is TANICA made?

How is TANICA made?

Every drop of TANICA is crafted with care and creativity. From the carefully selected botanicals we distill to the hand-harvested plums we slow-soak for fruit-driven zesty flavour and colour.

Like the modern Australian style we’re inspired by, TANICA strikes a delicious balance of diverse and complex flavours. We’re sweet and tart, strong and gentle, subtle and pronounced. 

Starting with a copper pot and column still as if creating a gin without juniper, we create a botanical distillate as a characterful canvas for slow-soaking a macerate of fresh, whole Davidson’s plum in order to co-mingle and enhance complexity.

Now we know what you’re thinking, those words sound as fancy as the drink itself. 

But as our head distiller (and award-winning liqueur and vermouth aficionado), Shaun Byrne says: “The secret to TANICA is in the botanicals we use and how gently we treat them to keep their natural flavour flavours - it’s what makes us such a unique, premium aperitif.”

Being gentle is important here because to keep botanicals fresh, they need an extra bit of tender care. Avoiding the damaging effects of high temperatures is how we create our delicate floral and citrusy aroma of strawberry gum leaf, orange and fresh mint. 

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