Who is behind the bottle?

Who is behind the bottle?

TANICA is a journey that has challenged me in ways I could never have imagined. It’s obsessive. Sometimes scary. Mostly thrilling. Best of all, it’s every day on your own terms. Mistakes? Yes. Second guessing myself? Never again.

Here’s 4 lessons for anyone doing it tough starting a business or considering the leap:

  • Relax, but never sit back. Get comfortable doing whatever it takes to move forward. Whether packing orders, hauling stock, sampling for 8 hours a day, or making cold calls, pride should never stand in the way of progress. It's about getting your hands dirty and staying committed.
  • Treat every customer like the first one. Handwritten notes, surprising people with little gestures, giving things away, going above and beyond with service and speed. It's about making everyone feel valued and appreciated. Do that 1000 times and it will (surely, hopefully, eventually) pay off.
  • Invest in good design. Splurge on the details - a great website, social media, photography, packaging, displays, printed materials, good events, nice merch. It's crucial to stand out and get noticed. Do less, but better. Distinctiveness is key.
  • Hold your nerve. You’re not going to make a profit right away. The sooner you prepare for that fact both financially and mentally, the better. Be deliberate and curious. Spend to learn.

These lessons have not only shaped our brand so far, but have also helped me be much happier in my 'part 2' career. I hope the learning will never stop. Thank you to every person who has supported us since launch - the work-for-mate’s-rates, the advice, the orders, the words of encouragement. Together, I feel like we are building something really cool and a unique place in the world.

Adriane McDermott, Founder of TANICA

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