The Journal: Jalessa Vincent

The Journal: Jalessa Vincent
Meet Jaleesa Vincent, the enigmatic soul who dances to the rhythm of the ocean waves. Hailing from the picturesque Sunshine Coast, she's the essence of personality and creativity rolled into one. Jaleesa is part of a rare breed of female free surfers who don't need the pressure of competition to stay in the limelight. Her story is as unique as her surf style.

Here, we speak with Jaleesa about what balance means to her, her favourite nooks of Australia and so much more!
Q. What does balance mean to you personally, and how do you currently strive to achieve it in your life?
A. Balancing business with pleasure. And letting the pleasure overflow a little.
Q.When we created TANICA, we were so inspired by the natural beauty of this country we live in. Tell us, what is your absolute favourite Australian destination that you have visited (or lived) and why?
A. Wow, that's a hard and easy question. There's just sooo many beautiful places. I freakin love home here in Australia. Some special places off the top of my head are; Boonoo Boonoo National Park NSW, Borroloola NT, Arnhem Land NT, Jervis Bay NSW. I've got a lot more travelling and camping to do. I'd love to go to South Australia soon!
Q.What would you deem a 'great afternoon with friends'?
A. Surfing, then going to the local Pub!
Q. How do you manage stress and find relaxation in your daily routine? Are there any practices or activities you incorporate to enhance your sense of balance?
A. Getting outdoors helps me relax. Going for a bike ride, or a swim at a waterfall. I love just sitting and listening to the birds and watching the small moments I'd miss if I was inside.
Q. What is one thing you have incorporated into your routine that has enhanced your day-to-day?
A. Having a veggie garden and watering it in the morning and afternoon. Caring for my little veggie babies, as they care for me.
Q. What's a piece of writing or a quote that you continue to return to?
A. Appreciate the simple things. Or, Fuck it.
Q. What do you love most about TANICA and how will it serve you for the season ahead?
Most loved book: Jitterbug perfume by Tom Robbins
Music: Bjork
Favourite binge show: Stranger Things
Beauty product: High Noon Zinc
Garnish: Nasturtium Flower.

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