Pour yourself a good vibe

Pour yourself a good vibe-TANICA

Tanica botanical spirit will be your go-to summer drink in no time. A drink for every host to boast, a crowd-pleaser at picnics with friends, and the perfect midweek treat (without the hangxiety).

Tanica is a blended botanical spirit with a connection to the land and to the way we drink and live in Australia today. The first two gin-style varieties showcase Australian native and natural ingredients and come in 700mL bottles that are 10% ABV.

Pop Tanica in your fridge when you receive it and after opening, so it's chilled and ready to go.

Both No.1 and No.2 hero ‘farm to table’ ingredients creating a gin-style botanical profile that’s easy to drink. Low on alcohol and light on sugar, all you need to ask is “what’s my flavour?”...

No. 1

Salted Plum & Ginger

Pucker up to rosy pink perfection with our Tanica No.1. Succulent plum and a pinch of Murray River salt blended with wild strawberry gum from Western Australia, a hint of ginger, and a touch of organic cane sugar. If your drink of choice is a spritz or a Cosmo, No.1 is for you.


  • Murray River Pink Salt Flakes: Sourced from the Murray-Darling Basin in NSW, this delicate salt helps to put a kick in the flavour of the plum without the strong bitterness of other salts. 
  • Strawberry Gum: Sourced from Western Australia, this native ingredient extract enhances other flavours and adds shades of cinnamon, strawberry and passionfruit.

Quick Mix

Mix two parts No.1 and a splash of Prosecco over ice, and then get your garnish on with a lemon twist and a couple of raspberries or a super-thin slice of pink grapefruit.

Go-to-bed-happy Summer Cocktail

The classic Cosmopolitan, reinvented. Think Sex And The City, but without the drama. 

Mix three parts No.1 with one part cranberry juice and a wedge of lime in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled glass. Serve with an orange twist. It’s a pretty drink to drink, even on a weekday, shaken not slurred.  All the Cosmo feels without your body hating you the next day. 

No. 2

Desert Lime & Thyme 

Bright and crisp like a grown-up sherbet, enjoy a crisp citrus blend of native desert lime puree and Yuzu juice, thyme and elderflower with a touch of organic cane sugar. Desert lime heroes here, being one of the few true citrus species native to Australia. For those who like an intense, yet slightly sweet citrus note, this is the blend for you. Margarita or mojito lover? You’ll love No.2.

Ingredient profiles:

  • Desert Lime puree: A small caviar looking fruit that packs a punch. Desert limes are used to add a citrus flavour and natural colour to our No.2 blend. 
  • Elderflower: Elderflower rounds out the citrus profile and adds a uniquely fresh flavour with subtle tropical notes.
  • Yuzu juice: Lemon meets mandarin in flavour. Our Yuzu juice is imported from Japan is deliciously sweet and citrus, adding the perfect balance to our No.2 blend.

Quick Mix

Pour yourself a good vibe with our Weekday Margarita. It’s simple really, just mix No.2 with the juice of half a lime with ice. Shake in a shaker or stir. Strain and serve. 

Get-up-early Summer Cocktail

A Tanica team favourite is our No Fomojito, also known as the Mindful Drinker’s Mojito! Enjoy this low alcohol Tanica version of a classic cocktail, and most importantly, NO FOMO! Muddle half a lime, a handful of mint and a spoon of raw sugar in a tall glass, add ice and top with two parts Tanica No.2 and one part soda water.

Whatever flavour you choose, 60mL (double shot) of Tanica is half a standard drink, and only 54 calories per serve without artificial ingredients! We’re the cleaner, healthier drink for modern-mindful drinkers. Best kept in the fridge after opening, Tanica will soon become your new summer favourite!

Free your spirits! Let us know if you try the recipes and leave a comment below! 

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