Let's Talk Tanica

Let's Talk Tanica-TANICA

Tanica is the drink for modern-mindful drinkers. Bored with wines and sugary premixes, we set out to make something better. So say goodbye to highly artificial and often questionable cocktail cart-fillers and welcome to Tanica. 

You’re probably wondering, “What is it? Vodka? Gin?...”

A new wave of spirit

We’re not easily defined, and we think that’s a good thing. We’re making way for a new generation of spirit, one that leaves you feeling good, without compromising on flavour and a bit of punch. 

We’re not a distilled spirit like a gin, vodka, or tequila - we are a neutral spirit blended with native and natural Australian ingredients. We’re made for the way we live and drink in Australia today. A mixer, spritzer and ready-to-serve premium spirit all in one, in a beautiful bottle designed to be shared. Refreshing isn’t it?  

Tanica is part of a new, emerging drinks category of blended Botanical Spirits or Botanical Infused Alcohols. Think of us as an easy drinkable gin, without all the alcohol. Or a yummy tasting cocktail mixer without artificial sweeteners and syrupy sugar.

Why we’re different

We’re only 10% alc/volume in a 700ml bottle vs. distilled full strength spirits at 37 - 40%. Being lower in alcohol means Tanica is less than half a standard drink per 60ml serve (a double shot) and only 54 calories. The beautiful flavour profile of each Tanica stands up as a spritz with soda or prosecco, or in your favourite cocktail. 

Tanica is the perfect substitute for the typical sugary mixers and spirits in your summer cocktails. The great thing is you can level-up Tanica with other spirits. We’re the little black dress of your drinks trolley, dress us up or down! 

We invite you to create your own and drink Tanica any way you choose, with creativity and excitement and a bit of fun.  It's up to you!

What’s your flavour?

Months were spent researching, developing and crafting the profiles of Tanica’s first two flavours, inspired by today’s best cocktails and Australian native botanicals. Featuring unique blends, they're sure to tickle the taste buds and win over your party or picnic crowds.

No.1 Salted Plum & Ginger 

A rosé blush colour, it blends succulent plum and a pinch of Murray River salt with wild strawberry gum from Western Australia. Add a hint of ginger and organic cane sugar, and you’ve got a tart and sweet refresher.  Like a light kombucha with a bit of kick.

No.2 Desert Lime & Thyme

A cloudy lemon hue that looks right at home in a margarita and proves a little zestier. A crisp citrus blend of native desert lime, yuzu juice, thyme and elderflower makes for a perfect margarita or mojito mixer. Like a grown-up sherbet.

Leave a comment, we'd love to know what you think! Post your pics, share your Tanica moments and cocktail recipes at @drinktanica #spiritslifted

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