How to make a Frozen Tanica Marg

NO.2 Frozen Marg

Pour yourself a good vibe.

You’ll need fresh limes, a shot measure and a blender for this one. Guess what? A margarita is best served in a margarita glass!

First, rim a wedge of lime around the lip of the glass and upturn onto a plate of coarse salt. You can add a little lime zest and dash of cayenne pepper to the mix for extra spice.

Into the blender add five ice cubes (per glass).

Add three shots of Tanica No.2 Desert Lime & Thyme and a squeeze of lime.

Level it up with a shot of tequila if that takes your fancy. Without is equally fine too!

Blend the ingredients together for about 20 seconds. 

Pour the blended margarita into the glass. Al Centro!

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