How to make a Cosmo Wonder

 We couldn't help but wonder, is this a better kind of Cosmopolitan? Tanica NO.1 Cosmo

We couldn’t help but wonder… is this a better kind of Cosmopolitan?

Place some ice into a coupe or martini glass to chill it while you make your drink.

Mix three parts of Tanica No.1 Salted Plum & Ginger and one part Cranberry Juice in a cocktail shaker.

Squeeze in a wedge of lime and ice.

Shake, shake, shake. Remove the ice from the chilled glass and gently strain the cocktail into the glass.

To make the perfect Cosmo garnish, hold a piece of orange zest (about the size of a 20 cent coin) above your finished Cosmo and carefully wave a lit flame under it.

Bend the outer edges of the zest so that the orange oils are released, then drop it in!

Sip, enjoy, repeat. Watch some old episodes of Sex and the City.

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